Scott Thomas Outlar’s Poems

This week we are publishing four poems of the USA-based poet, editor Scott Thomas Outlar.

The Poems:

Violins with Falsetto

There is only this dream of liquid crystal

melted porcelain wings, a breath of the cherub


Stalwart at the gates with a heavy heart

rings of fire, a smile molded with wax


Yours was the dance that never missed a step

long are the hours, a clock of ticking ribs


There is only this platter of flesh and blood

silver harps tuning, a feast for the choir


Stoic when the lions roar from their mountain

lakes of lava, a star set to the north


Yours was the voice resounding in echo

orbs painted of yellow, a prayer whispered in winter


There is only this shadow stained by the sun

twilight of the idols, a moment born in reprieve



Now the night is a blanket woven of fur

my heart is a moon hung soft with whispers


Headlights echo the same spark as stars

it’s such a shame how these gods toss their dice


Wheels are designed to keep turning by nature

records weave liquid seasons through plasma


Three winds charged, one electric

now the night is a storm without end


On Earth as It Is in Heaven

Sometimes the right words to say no longer exist


let the wound bleed out

it is only of the flesh


no sugarcoating left in your voice

or deeds


Sometimes the most sincere prayers simply don’t work


Sometimes the kiss of death comes served with a smile


but mostly we just carry salt

and regret


Hermit’s Hibernation



there are ghosts

whispering in the rain




there are owls

screaming from the woods


no more poems

without life experiences

to haunt the verses


no more kisses

without broken hearts

to shake the nest




it is time

to close your eyes




there is a season

after winter fades


Author’s Bio:

Scott Thomas Outlar lives and writes in the suburbs outside of Atlanta, Georgia. His work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net. He hosts the weekly podcast, Songs of Selah. More about his books and other publications can be found at





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